Saturday, June 15, 2013

Update from May 6th

Just a little update. I'm still in Puerto Cabezas. Still in Lamlaya. Same companion Elder Palma. And we're throwing fire!!! I've been working on this family ever since I've been here in Puerto. They are one of those families that I'm happier more than ever to see baptized! It really was a cool experience. On Saturday, it was the dad's birthday. Sunday was his daughter's birthday. So they got married, baptized, and celebrated 2 birthdays on Sunday! How sweet!! And today, we're going to their house to celebrate more!! Another thing that made me really happy was that one of our recent converts of about 3 weeks passed the sacrament and payed his tithing!! It's just so great to see how much love these people have and how humble they are! And actually, the wife in the family that got baptized on Sunday got a calling before she even got baptized to be a teacher! Wow! 

Other random stuff:

I had cow tongue the other wasn't that bad. haha
Having the time of my life in the best mission in the world!!!

Love you all!!

Elder Vogel

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