Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This week was just like any normal week. except Saturday. Saturday was supposed to be the best day of the mission, but it turned out to be one of the worst.
I have been teaching a family since I've got here to Puerto. They really are amazing. The guy wants to learn English and he knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet and everything! His wife is just as cool too. So we talked about baptism a lot and they just said they needed more time because they had these doubts that we could never really figure out what they were. So on Thursday, we went to talk to them after we put a date for this Saturday. Now this Saturday, we planned on baptizing in the ocean as a whole zone! It was gonna be super special because we don't get to do that very often. We need to have permission for it. So on Friday, when we went to talk to them again, and they backed out, claiming they didn't know enough. (even though we taught them everything we could have). So we called the ZL's and they came and talked to them and they were all good for Saturday after that.
So on Saturday, we went to their house and got them all ready to go. We were about to go to church in taxi, paid for the taxi to take them to the church and we went in another one.  When we got to the church, they weren't there. We waited for about 30 minutes and they never showed up. We checked at their house. They weren't there. So I waited at the church and my companion waited at their house. 2 hours later, they never show up. And their phone was off. Turns out, their baby was sick and they took him to a clinic. So they said they would do it on Sunday. This just frustrates me cuz they never called to tell us  and it makes it so I can't really trust people that much.
We then left to go talk to the other family about and the guy was very rude to us because we were late. It made me extremely angry. But instead of yelling at him, I took my stuff and left the house and waited for my comp. So yeah. Saturday was just a very sad day for me.
Sunday really wasn't that much better either. Our family never came to church to get baptized. So yeah. It was a disappointing weekend.
But today was really fun. We went on a picture scavenger hunt. One of the pictures was to find a shark. And here, sometimes it's quite difficult to do that. But we did it! Then we bought the shark. haha And now the Sister that cooks for us is gonna cook it!! I've heard that shark is actually quite delicious. So I guess we'll find out.
And now my mom complained that I don't put enough spiritual experiences in my emails. (even though spiritual experiences on the mission are a given) But i'll try.
I guess I've learned that Satan really works super hard on this people. Since they are so humble, Satan just has a ball. Every time we have an activity, it rains and knocks out the light and the satellite as missionaries, we try our hardest to try to get the people to understand the difference between things of Satan and of God. A lot of the people don't understand the difference and that makes us really sad. But when they do understand, they are so ready to follow Jesus Christ and keep the commandments. It's quite amazing really.
Well. I hope your week goes well.
Love you guys!!
Elder Vogel

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Puerto Cabezas... is very beautiful here...

... we pretty much walk everywhere we go...


All that walking takes a toll...

... a toll on the feet and the footwear...


...then there are the joys and blessings....

...the joy when entire families get baptized 
and receive countless blessings !!!

it's worth it

April 1st - This week was one of the best so far!

Let's just say that this week was one of the best so far!

We had this sweet activity on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for the youth. It was like a mini youth conference. We call it pre-SOY. SOY stands for Strength of Youth and it's the program here in Central America very similar to what in the USA we call EFY (Especially For Youth). 
It's also quite cool because 'soy' means 'I am' in Spanish. So it's like saying:
 'I am Nicaragua' for 'SOY Nicaragua'. 

 On Saturday, we had a talent show. Most of us missionaries took part in that. It was super funny and we have some great videos.

But that wasn't even the best part! I baptized my first family this weekend!! We contacted them on Wednesday and after we explained baptism, we asked if they would like to be baptized . Without hesitation, the husband asked when they could do it!  My companion (Elder Palma) and I were kind of taken by surprise at this statement. It completely caught us off-guard. So we said Sunday after church and they agreed!! So we went back and taught them everything the next couple of days and after church yesterday, we married and baptized them!! It was really cool. The water for the baptismal font here is green. hahahaha And at times it was difficult because they don't speak very much Spanish, so we had to get a translator for Miskito. But it was really awesome! I also confirmed them members of the church. And I also conferred another guy the priesthood. Pretty Awesome!!!

I love it here in Puerto Cabezas. The people here are soooo ready. General Authorities have said that if the missionaries have enough faith, every single person in Puerto can be a member of the church. 
A lot of the people here have almost nothing. They are so humble and because of that they are closer to Christ and just ready to be part of his kingdom.

So yeah that's my week. The zone of Puerto Cabezas has baptized 20 families this month of March. And last time I checked, the mission was at 75 for this month. 

Take it easy everyone. This work is moving forward. Stay strong! Be awesome!

Elder Vogel