Saturday, June 15, 2013

Finally... an update from APRIL!!! April 22 to be exact...

So the first half of the week was kinda boring. You know. Just
chilling. Doing normal stuff. Contacting. Teaching. Normal missionary
stuff. Then Friday rolled around. We contacted a family that told us
that they wante to get married and baptized. For those of you who
don't know, the people are very poor so they don't have enough money
to pay for a marriage so they just live together and fornicate and all
that jazz. So as missionaries, our main goal is familes, so in
contacts, we ask if they're married and stuff and if they're not, we
inform them of the sin of fornication and how they can leave this sin
and be clean through marriage and baptism. And many times, they
accept. So this family accepted this invitation. Now I know what
you're thinking. These people will just get married and baptized and
never come to church again. And yes, sometimes it happens, but only if
you're doing it just to have a baptism for the month. If you're really
looking for these people that need your help, they will continue to go
to church and want to learn more. Our President says that if they really
 have the desire and you're not just forcing them to do it, teach them about 
baptism and confirmation and then do it. So that's what we did. 
When I went to their house on Sunday to see if they were really going to do it,
 they were all ready....2 hours before they needed to be. That to me is
miracle!! Usually, you have to remind them that morning and have them
get dressed, but they did it by themselves. So we took them to church.
And also 2 more families!! And after church, we gave them their
interviews, baptized, and confirmed them! It was quite the thrill. And
a miracle. This Sunday, we brought 25 investigators to church and out
attendance was higher than I've ever seen in any other ward I've been

This is Lamlaya. This is Puerto Cabezas. This is Nicaragua. This is
MisiĆ³n Nicaragua Managua Norte. This is God's work. These are
miracles! Like the scriptures say, God does not cease to be a God of
miracles. And like the prophets say, every conversion is a miracle.
This is where every young man needs to be. It's amazing. And a whole
ton of fun! Hahaha

Stay classy outside world! I love you guys!!

Elder Vogel

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