Tuesday, May 20, 2014

From the mission field MAY 5th

Wow!!! So this week, we had a little miracle. We originally planned to only have two people baptized this weekend, but as the week went on, it turned out to be 4 baptisms!!!
It's so cool being a missionary. hahahaha

Changes are next week! Let's see if i get to stay here for another month and a half, or if I finally get to go to my resting place.
And Mother's day is this weekend!!!! Don't you worry, I'll be a callin. hahaha Can't wait to see you all on Sunday!!!
Have a great week!!

Elder Vogel

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week of Jan 13 to 20, 2014

Soooooooooooo......pretty normal week. Actually, no.....not that normal of a week. Elder Cooper is a District Leader, so we had to go do a ton of different interviews for the district, so we really didn't get a whole lot done. but we're doing great!! 

All of our investigators are awesome!!! Like, they ask us when they can get baptized and when they can have a book of mormon and just crazy stuff like that!! it's so cool to see them want to progress!!! and one of them wants the bishop to visit her in her house. it's kinda freaking me out how awesome these people are!
But i'm doing great! Staying healthy and having fun!!!

Be the people God wants you to be, not what the world wants.

Elder Vogel


My gratitude to the YOUTH, who sent me a package!

And, THANK YOU everyone for the MASSES of emails I got for my birthday. THANK YOU ALL. (there is no way I can respond to all of them individually... I tried. But they don't allow us that much time HAHA)

Elder Vogel

The WORK and the GLORY as well as FUN and GAMES.

(Sometimes the lines between all of them get a little blurry!!!)


The entire Family is getting baptized

Fellow Elders in the mission

(as a mother I just shake my head)

This guy LOVES touching all the animals!! 
(I can relate)

"The Hands of Christ" 


Lovely couple getting baptized

MONKEY - well, close enough

Still a kid at heart. 

Nacho, Nacho, Nacho!

Animal hide

Rid'em ... 

wrapping his food to be cooked.

the food 'package'
All the little "packages" being cooked up over an open fire.

getting baptized


HOW MANY people can you fit into a car? apparently ALLOT

Yes, this Elder knows how to have FUN

If you know this guy, you just know this is my son. I am only shocked they match!!

With the Hermanas (Sister missionaries)

AND, FINALLY,  This one just made me laugh out loud!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Letter from the mission field: 

What up Homies????
This week has been pretty awesome! I'm having a ton of fun with Elder Cooper and we're working really hard! We found a couple of really cool investigators this week. This one lady told us that the night before we found her, she dreamt that she received a visit by 4 guys. One of them was a black guy and the other 3 were white. It kinda freaked me out, but the Lord does strange things for us to find the chosen people that are just ready to receive us. But she's so awesome!!!! She reads the pamphlets and studies them and has questions ready for us when we get there! She went to church on Sunday and loved it! It's so cool to see the Lord's hand in these things.

other than that, it's been a pretty normal week. We went and ate sushi today for my birthday. haha It's kinda crazy that 21 years ago today I was chillin out in a hospital in Kentucky with my mom not knowing anything about that world or the people I would meet. And I can say that I've learned so much in the last 21 years and am so grateful for all of the friends that I have and have supported me along the way.
I love you guys!!!!! Stay awesome!!!
Elder Vogel