Monday, November 12, 2012

Pics from Elder Vogel

"I made a Snorelax out of sticky tape"
He must be bored people, better write him!!
Planking. At the MTC. Some things never change...
"Elder Boegarts is from Belgium. He knows Dutch, French, English, and a little bit of German. He's going to France speaking Spanish. Hahaha"
"My district at Halloween."
"Our Narnia hole. exactly how we found it. underneath the chips is the 40 something cans of soda"
"the obedience sprite is something that elder cooper and i are starting. it's just a can of sprite, but it's going to stay in the room or zone unopened for as long as possible. elders will write their names, where they're going, and the date on the can."
"Me and Connor Moody! On his way to Peru!"
"before the temple. me and elder patterson don't have umbrellas. haha"
"some of my district at the temple today while it was snowing"

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  1. Thanks for updating the blog! I just dropped a card in the mail for him, so hopefully it will get there before he ships out.