Monday, November 26, 2012

Get ready Nicaragua!

I've got 10 more days left in he MTC!!! This week has been pretty exciting. On Tuesday, Elder Paul B. Peiper came and talked to us. Don't know if you remember, but he talked to us at stake conference a couple of years ago. So that was pretty cool. On Wednesday, we got our travel plans!!! It's finally getting real! I'm going to Nicaragua!! So excited. But what made this week even better was Thanksgiving. In the morning we had a devotional by Elder Holland!! It was so good!! His wife and some of his grandchildren talked as well. Pretty legit. And in the afternoon, we made care packages for kids in Mali. That was a lot of fun. October 3rd was the greatest time to come to the MTC in my opinion. We had General Conference and the huge announcement, Elder Bednar on the next Tuesday, and Thanksgiving and Elder Holland! It's so cool!!

Yeah. The food here is alright, but I don't have the opportunity to get enough exercise to work it all yeah....I've gained a couple of pounds. And it doesn't help either that on Wednesday, I sprained or rolled my ankle playing volleyball in gym time. So yeah. I'm not gonna be able to do anything for the next couple of days. But yep. That's my week! Hope everything is going awesomely! Love and miss you guys!

Elder Vogel

Monday, November 12, 2012

Pics from Elder Vogel

"I made a Snorelax out of sticky tape"
He must be bored people, better write him!!
Planking. At the MTC. Some things never change...
"Elder Boegarts is from Belgium. He knows Dutch, French, English, and a little bit of German. He's going to France speaking Spanish. Hahaha"
"My district at Halloween."
"Our Narnia hole. exactly how we found it. underneath the chips is the 40 something cans of soda"
"the obedience sprite is something that elder cooper and i are starting. it's just a can of sprite, but it's going to stay in the room or zone unopened for as long as possible. elders will write their names, where they're going, and the date on the can."
"Me and Connor Moody! On his way to Peru!"
"before the temple. me and elder patterson don't have umbrellas. haha"
"some of my district at the temple today while it was snowing"


¿Comó estan? Estoy excelente! Esta semana, tenemos Elder Zwick del Setenta nos hablado. Fue super chivre. Ojalá, obteneremos Elder Holland durante Thanksgiving. Pero, cosas esta irando a la bien aquí. Lo siento para me Spanglish. It´s no como está irando a la entender it anyways. :) Pero, there is something I have to say in English. Probably the coolest thing that happened this week. In the MTC, we have these things called Narnia holes. These are places that missionaries will hide candy, toys, or whatever they want in there for the next missionaries that are in their room. Well, we didn´t know about this one Narnia hole that we had in our closet. So when we finally checked, we found over 40 cans of soda, a bag of tortilla chips, and a bunch of candy with a note attached to a box of Ritz! The missionary before us put that there for us to have and to make it bigger and better for when we leave. I will enclose a picture with this email. But yeah, that was awesome! Own progressing investigators that we are teaching are going really well too. I don´t remember if I said, but we are teaching our teachers who are acting as investigators. We now have a baptismal date for one of them, so that´s going great. Although, I am starting to get a little tired of this place. It´s fun, but very physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. Got only a couple of weeks left and I´ll be in the jungle. I´´m gonna miss the snow. It´´s actually snowing right now. The second time since we´ve been here. Well, that´s about it for this week! ¡Hasta proximo semana!

Con amor,
Elder Vogel
This week was pretty good. Not too much happened. Just the normal learning Spanish and learning how to teach. i can see my Spanish is getting better every single day though. I have a long way to go, but it's a loooooot better than it was a month ago. I think the most fin we have with the language is figuring out how to say a bunch of random phrases like: "Pues, Pues, Pues. Que tenemos aqui?" Which means: "Well, Well, Well. What do we have here?" It's a lot of fun translating different things into Spanish. So I heard the Disney bought Lucas Arts and they're making three new Star Wars movies. This can't be true... And I also heard that BYU stomped Georgia Tech! That's pretty crazy! Oh, so me and my companion have had our own room for a while since our last roommates left for the Guatemala MTC. Yesterday, we received an announcement that in this coming week, we're going to have two new roommates. I really liked having only the two of us in there. We both had two closets, double the drawers, and double the room. I just hope they're just as cool as our last roommates.
Slowly, but surely, all of my BYU fiends are leaving here to go out into the field. I have one more friend that I know of coming in next week, but that's it. It's pretty crazy watching everyone leave and going around the world. I just can't wait to get out of this place. It's becoming way too repetitive.
I also heard about the hurricane out that way. Hope everything is ok in Georgia. I heard it was pretty ridiculous.
And the General Authority that spoke to us this week was Don R. Clarke. It was a great talk. I just can't wait until Thanksgiving! There is talk that Jeffrey R. Holland might come! He hasn't been here since February, so he's due for another visit sometime soon. That will be the highlight of my MTC stay.

Well, until next week.

Elder Vogel

So i kinda had a quiet week. the only real thing that happened is that Shayne M. Bowen of the Seventy talked to us for devotional. Don't know if you remember, but he talked to us at conference. But yeah, I'm still having a lot of fun. Two of my roommates are leaving next week with all of the Hermanas (Sisters) in my district to go to the Guatemala MTC....lucky. I forgot to say that we have a guy from belgium in our district. It's weird cuz he already knows dutch, french, and english and he's learning spanish. What's even weirder is that he's going to France. But he's probably the funniest guy here.
I'm learning more and more every day that I'm here. We got to teach some local members who volunteered their time to be taught. Of course we had to do it in Spanish. They are amazed at how much we already know for just being here for 2 weeks. It really goes to show that we really do have the gift of tongues. We are also teaching two "investigators." Our teachers are acting as an investigator and we get to teach them. In Spanish. It's so great seeing all the new missionaries come every week. Especially when you know a couple of them. Express my love to everyone!

Elder Vogel