Monday, November 12, 2012

This week was pretty good. Not too much happened. Just the normal learning Spanish and learning how to teach. i can see my Spanish is getting better every single day though. I have a long way to go, but it's a loooooot better than it was a month ago. I think the most fin we have with the language is figuring out how to say a bunch of random phrases like: "Pues, Pues, Pues. Que tenemos aqui?" Which means: "Well, Well, Well. What do we have here?" It's a lot of fun translating different things into Spanish. So I heard the Disney bought Lucas Arts and they're making three new Star Wars movies. This can't be true... And I also heard that BYU stomped Georgia Tech! That's pretty crazy! Oh, so me and my companion have had our own room for a while since our last roommates left for the Guatemala MTC. Yesterday, we received an announcement that in this coming week, we're going to have two new roommates. I really liked having only the two of us in there. We both had two closets, double the drawers, and double the room. I just hope they're just as cool as our last roommates.
Slowly, but surely, all of my BYU fiends are leaving here to go out into the field. I have one more friend that I know of coming in next week, but that's it. It's pretty crazy watching everyone leave and going around the world. I just can't wait to get out of this place. It's becoming way too repetitive.
I also heard about the hurricane out that way. Hope everything is ok in Georgia. I heard it was pretty ridiculous.
And the General Authority that spoke to us this week was Don R. Clarke. It was a great talk. I just can't wait until Thanksgiving! There is talk that Jeffrey R. Holland might come! He hasn't been here since February, so he's due for another visit sometime soon. That will be the highlight of my MTC stay.

Well, until next week.

Elder Vogel

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