Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Final preparations before departure!

Before leaving for the experience of a lifetime, Elder Vogel packed in as many memories as possible. 
 Including none other than a Kayaking trip with the Mama and the Brother bear. 
 Families are forever.
 Then he got dressed up like a real missionary and was set apart on Tuesday, October 2nd by a brand new (week old) Stake President, President Squires. Joining with him in the priesthood circle were Mark Lowry, Ray Criswell, President Squires and Jared Anderson.
Siblings. Pretty much.
 Family. Pretty much.
 The Augusta Stake's newest missionary, and 2nd missionary set apart by Pres. Squires, Elder Vogel. 
Then it was time to make sure everything fit in the suitcase, which it did, even his 60 something ties! Quite an impressive collection, thank you to all those who contributed to the cause!
And come early morning, it was time to be leaving on a jet plane... 
And hit the MTC. Hit it so hard, it won't know what hit him. We're so proud and can't wait to hear of all his adventures. Return with honor, Elder Vogel! 
{Wait, how did these make it into the suitcase... hehe... what a mama}

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