Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The WORK and the GLORY as well as FUN and GAMES.

(Sometimes the lines between all of them get a little blurry!!!)


The entire Family is getting baptized

Fellow Elders in the mission

(as a mother I just shake my head)

This guy LOVES touching all the animals!! 
(I can relate)

"The Hands of Christ" 


Lovely couple getting baptized

MONKEY - well, close enough

Still a kid at heart. 

Nacho, Nacho, Nacho!

Animal hide

Rid'em ... 

wrapping his food to be cooked.

the food 'package'
All the little "packages" being cooked up over an open fire.

getting baptized


HOW MANY people can you fit into a car? apparently ALLOT

Yes, this Elder knows how to have FUN

If you know this guy, you just know this is my son. I am only shocked they match!!

With the Hermanas (Sister missionaries)

AND, FINALLY,  This one just made me laugh out loud!!

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